Born in Morocco, now living in Canada; Raised in a Muslim family, to eventually desecrate it; Child of a hetero-normative culture, to better challenge the paradigms of gender identity; Standing firm on the fine and fragile line, emerges Mehdi Bahmad.


Coming from a visual arts background and incorporating dance and movement into his art, Bahmad couldn’t tap more rightfully into the ever-growing flow of current conversations. Appropriating symbols specific to his North African and Arab culture and integrating them into an aesthetic so delicate yet powerful, the artist creates an idyllic universe where the disturbing becomes harmonious. A multisensory world where genres ignore borders, where elements are as opposed as interweaved.


Sonically, the artist is evenly eclectic. The soundtrack embodies itself through an art-pop canvas with electro-tonal and sensitive accents. Where the synthetic textures of the consoles weave a still organic environment on which strings and wood pose here and there, resulting on an amalgam that’s as improbable as it is seductive. A warm soundscape full of impact, heart and authenticity. Here, a story from broken environment becomes an aesthetic landscape, transmuting its own repulsion into something beautiful.

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